Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the new revolution powering the change in the world!

Connectivity – to connect, control, monitor and visualize products and services through internet access – is a central concept in IoT (Internet of Things). The IoT will not only transform how we experience the world, but also be a natural part of our everyday life. This means in practice that the IoT will have a crucial impact on your business. New services, products and business opportunities are already here – and that’s just the beginning.

Online products and services will facilitate everyday life – at home, at leisure and at work. At Techsource, we work with IoT solutions and the entire value chain to meet your challenges. We create interfaces where user-friendliness is key and where your customers’ needs are met. For it is not new technology in itself that is the main thing – it is to create limitless environments in which the individual is paramount.


IoT Prototype

An assignment usually starts with us doing a feasibility study leading to a project. Then we work out the hardware and software design including schematics and layout as well as a working prototype. Our team has experience working with IoT designs including various sensors and wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G, ZigBee, Z-Wave, GPS and Sigfox. We have partners who support our process by performing CE and FCC certifications, mass production. In all projects a follow-up is carried out to ensure that everything works as intended.

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Our IoT solutions – Connected sensors with associated smart quality assurance and intelligent analysis algorithms help you create secure and humane solutions for health care. It can be solutions that provide support to the elderly, caregivers and families so that the elderly or sick people can safely remain at home. It can also be solutions that organize equipment and other necessities at a medical facility. We have extensive experience in healthcare, mHealth and mobile – let’s talk!

We are passionate about man-machine interaction

Connected Systems & IoT

Embedded systems make products smart, but the communication between the system creates a new dimension of intelligence. IoT (Internet of Things) has already revolutionized many industries.

The question is not whether your industry will be affected, but rather how?

Techsource works with embedded systems in products and server solutions – “cloud computing” – that is required to create smart IoT systems.

Big data & IoT

IoT generates large amounts of data, and as more products are connected, new business opportunities are created.

Techsource will help you with advanced algorithms to interpret IoT data and combines it with other external or internal information so that intelligent services are created.

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