Internet of Things


Below are some of the assignments we have been entrusted to work with and many more IoT cases under NDA. Challenging projects in different industries but with one common denominator – both we and the client have shared the same passion for developing something extra. 

Some of our clients

Some of our clients

Examples of different projects

techsource Customer OpenLogger


OpenLogger’s measurement and monitoring system

OpenLogger measurement & monitoring system is a proven and recognized system used at universities, laboratories and clinics. Environments where it is critical to monitor and measure changes such as temperature changes. Techsource has been instrumental in developing applications for monitoring alarm and sensor data. This is to detect the humidity and particles. All to create a clinical and secure environment in health care.

» OpenLogger


techsource Customer Ivago


Linux-based platform that is controlled and supervised

Ivago works with building automation and Smart Grid. Smart Grid are intelligent energy systems that uses information, control technology and sensors to integrate the behavior and efficiency of the energy grid; it provides benefits like sustainable, economical and secure electricity supplies. Techsource developed a modular and scalable Linux-based platform that controlled and monitored sensors, elements, management of alarms and communication between the different units.

» Ivago

techsource Customer Ulocs


Smart band that records chosen health aspects

Ulocs develop products and services in the field of wearable technology. The latest innovation is a sensor that detects body movements. The uses are many, for example, in elderly care in which the product provides security both for the elderly, families and staff. For example, if someone were to fall the staff or relatives can immediately be notified and can come to help. Techsource's contribution was to create a smart band that records specific health and safety parameters.

» Ulocs