Technology disruption has been the norm since 2000, with Social Media, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud Computing and IoT leading the race. However, all of these pale in comparison to what is being deemed as the most disruptive technology of our times – Industry 4.0! Industry 4.0 which extensively harnesses automation and data capture, is a fine blend of cyber-physical systems, IoT, cloud computing and cognitive computing.

Manufacturing Benefits of Industrial IoT

Manufacturing Benefits of Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT or IIoT presents a powerful business case for increased production, reduced costs, and optimized manufacturing processes. The increased digitalization of manufacturing implies sensors, devices and instruments are engaged at every step to measure a whole lot of parameters in the assembly line. The data is then analyzed to tweak the manufacturing process from time to time.

Techsource, one of the pioneers of IoT in Europe, has been at the forefront of transforming business-critical processes for the heavy industry. We focus on monitoring, analyzing and controlling of business critical assets. That is, we make it easy to monitor the right parameters and to take action.

the V13, a predictive and preventive tool

As an example, sudden changes in vibrations, temperature and pressure are often harmful to any operating equipment and a sign that a maintenance or service activity should be performed. If service activities are performed in time, as soon as there is any indication of vibration abnormalities, then significant downtime costs can be avoided. Further, the life expectancy of the equipment can be considerably prolonged. This is why we came up with the V13, a predictive and preventive tool to ensure that your heavy machinery is running without any flaws. The V13 solution allow your service and maintenance personnel to act with confidence, relying on robust and secure equipment.

The products are scalable and can be retrofitted to monitor an installed base through both wireless and wired technologies.
We know that our industry and energy customers value quality, safety, security, user experience and sustainability. So do we!

The sum total of our services and products is a value driven preventive and predictive condition monitoring. By partnering with Techsource, you can bring out the best in your workforce and use your talent as the edge in a competitive marketplace.

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