At Techsource, we are specialists in IoT (Internet of Things) and the insourcing of IT Talent. We understand the entire IoT value chain; from concept and development to implementation and monitoring. E-health, Industrial IoT and Energy – are our four areas of interest.

Technology is our strength. And our passion is to develop IT solutions where humans and machines interact. We believe that the future belongs to those who can create interfaces that unite. You can read more about us below, or meet us.


Internet of Things

Connectivity – to connect, control, monitor and visualize products and services through internet access – is a central concept in IoT (Internet of Things). The IoT will not only transform how we experience the world, but also be a natural part of our everyday life. This means in practice that the IoT will have a crucial impact on your business…

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IT Consulting

To find competent developers in information technology is a major challenge for many businesses. At Techsource, we have worked for several years consciously to build up corps of skilled and experienced developers, for insourcing. We have done this in almost every area of technology be it  software development, IoT, Big Data, or embedded systems.

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Some of our clients

Some of our clients
We are passionate about man-machine interaction

This is us:

Techsource is a team of passionate professionals from various technology backgrounds that deliver end-to-end solutions in IoT. We are also a technical partner with skilled IT consultants for insourcing. Our expertise is in information technology but to develop economically viable and socially acceptable IT solutions, deep understanding of various economies and cultures is required, to which we give critical importance and build IT solutions based on people. An approach that permeates our two business areas; IoT and IT consulting services.

Our team has more than 50 cumulated years of experience in the wireless, embedded and telecom industries – the future we develop gladly with you!

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