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Connectivity – to connect, control, monitor and visualize products and services through internet access – is a central concept in IoT (Internet of Things). IoT will not only transform how we experience the world, but also be a natural part of our everyday life.



At Techsource, one of the pioneers of IoT in Europe, we work with IoT platforms, solutions and the entire value chain to meet your challenges. We create interfaces where user-friendliness is the key; as our primary goal is to build limitless environments in which the individual is paramount.

IoT platforms are a key player in the IoT story. That is why, it’s important for enterprises to engage the right IoT Platform partner early-on, as this will give them a competitive edge, and long-term results.

The ideal IoT platform is one which packs a comprehensive mix of features without being too narrowed down to a specific industry or application.

Techsource offers such a platform for developing IoT based applications. Techsource’s IoT platform is at the heart of Techsource’s offerings, and all our products such as C17 and V3 are built on the same.

Why Techsource’s IoT Platform

Modular and open approach

This ensures innovative and cost effective design suited to your specific needs, and flexibility in adapting to emerging needs of the future.

360 degree expertise

Technologically speaking, we cover all areas of IoT, from sensors to cloud analytics to security.

Our service capabilities cover everything from scoping through design, deployment, testing and ongoing management.

  • Formulate: Starting with a fuzzy feeling that something should be done to a crisp idea of the future. Techsource innovation workshops and demo kits will help you see what is possible and let you set the right targets.
  • Design: Iteration of design parameters such as User Experience, Data handling, Technology, Regulations and Business Aspects in order to ensure a solution that delivers
  • Develop: Set-up of a dedicated team with the right competences to develop the end to end solution
  • Manage: Making sure that the solution continues to deliver on its promises.

Proven solutions

All our modules with clear interfaces and high security levels. This allows us to take end-to-end responsibility for the performance of your IoT solution.

Professional approach

Our style of working involves quick iterations and building trust at every touchpoint.

Global ecosystem

Customers can tap into the Techsource global ecosystem comprising technology providers, system integrators, development engineers and support staff.

Our Global Ecosystem

Our Global Ecosystem

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techsource Teammember Ashok Bandaru

Ashok Bandaru

{ CEO & Founder }

An IoT and ICT champion with passion to win, comes with extensive experience in electronics and software from Ericsson, Samsung and with masters in System on chip design from Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden.

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