Today we see a fantastic evolution of smart devices and services that have the potential to improve the quality of life from a convenience perspective. However the focus is highly technology driven and often focused on coolfunctions instead of quality of life.

If we want to move from the Smart Home concept basically functions and gadgets that is supposed to optimize comfort and security we need to understand how people dwell, really understand what creates meaning in every day life.

Envision Future Homes as an evolution of today’s Smart Home with a more human approach, balancing comfort and automation with wellness and companionship and coaching. This will require increased interoperability between plug and playconnected devices and services prepared for personalisation with focus on quality of life and sustainability, and intelligence that help services and devices to adapt to your needs based on your preferences, where you are in life and by measuring the quality of performance and adapt again.

Health is a key issue for all of us as a wide concept, including values as loneliness and social interaction. Intelligent coachingcan improve wellness and health where loneliness is an issue. Add on connectivity and all new devices for individual monitoring of health related information and its possible to improve health/wellness even more. The participating care concept have the potential to contribute with data and expertise when you need help from the healthcare system. This collaborative care solution will open for a longer life at home and a smooth transition with healthcare.

To make this a reality, Smart Home and services etc. need to share a conceptual model describing how things are related including ethnographic studies in order to understand social needs. This model in combination with knowledge repositories will establish a backbone where different services, devices and appliances can connect and share their data.

Our vision for Future Living includes adaptive models for increasing interoperability with eHealth services, physical service providers and predictive analytics to establish proactive adjustments for our living arrangements before they happen. Maybe we will actually be able to understand ourselves better by bridging the gap between smart home technology and individualised analytics based on behavioral sciences?

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